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ThatMan on Fatman (The Original Kevin Smith FanBoy Podcast)

The Original “Fanboy Podcast“ Dedicated to the “Universe” of Writer/Director/Actor/Podcaster/Personal Hero - Kevin Smith aka: The Clerks Guy - By Fans for Fans

ThatMan on Fatman 2-28 w/ @BigdaddyJimmyV

August 30th, 2015

Guest: @BigdaddyJimmyV - This week we are joined by fellow fan and Twitter buddy, @BigdaddyJimmyV. We are so glad he allowed us to use him as a "test patient" for our first 100% on camera show. Thats right you can see this episode on the YouTube now too.


ThatMan on Fatman: 2-27 w/ @WhereAreMySeats

August 24th, 2015

Guest: @WhereAreMySeats - Nick & Pete join us to dive into all sorts of geeky nostalgia. We had a lot of fun recording with these guys. Its pretty chaotic... Evil


ThatMan on Fatman 2-26: w/ Mike Pullano

August 16th, 2015

Guest: Mike Pullano from - Mike catches us up on the PBR rebranding and is thew 1st guest I get to suprise ask to be in the documentary. Also Jeanne and I try video with little better results that Will & Trent had over on #Netheads


ThatMan on Fatman: 2-25 w/ @JenRemauro

August 11th, 2015

Guest: Jen Remauro - A very funny head-lining comic and Satellite Radio Broadcaster - Shit goes off the hook. - Check her out on twitter @JenRemauro and her website


ThatMan on Fatman: 2-24 w/ @MidnightSmoke1 & The Infamous @HitchBot Story

August 5th, 2015

Guest: @MidnightSmoke1 from Twitter is our guest! A wonderful friend of the show. Plus a big announcement about the documentary we are working on. Also tales from Kevin's Birthday. And finally Kevin meets HitchBOT! and here is how it happened.


ThatMan on Fatman: 2-23 w/ @xLadySmythx

August 1st, 2015

Guest: Ellie or @xLadySmythx from twitter - We are joined by our first confirmed Irish listener and she is adorable! Plus a lot of updates on what's been going on in the local SMod-o-verse! A full show!