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ThatMan on Fatman (A Kevin Smith FanBoy & FanGirl Podcast)

The Original “Fanzine Podcast“ Dedicated to the “Universe” of Writer/Director/Actor/Podcaster/Personal Hero - Kevin Smith aka: The Clerks Guy @thatkevinsmith - By Fans for Fans

ThatMan on Fatman: 3-27 w @GreenKorean1 Chris Kim

October 15th, 2016

Guest: Chris Kim (@GreenKorean1) from #theDavePodcast joins us... Or we join him in Los Angeles for our long awaited Korean dinner (check out show 2-34 from Oct 11, 2015) We also talk about #GrabHerByThePussy & #PussyGate


ThatMan on Fatman: 3-26 A Howard Stern Retrospective

October 1st, 2016

This week, with Scott playing Howard Stern in the movie Shooting Clerks, its a good time to share with all of you the time Jeanne & Scott were on the Howard Stern show 25 years ago when they were young and crazy. Stern fans will enjoy this amazing reveal.


ThatMan on Fatman: 3-25 w Siouxsie Q

September 5th, 2016

Guest: Siouxsie Q - But first we spend a lot of time talking about out trip out to Vegas and LA and what happened when we returned to NJ. We are also thrilled to have Siouxsie on the show in person where she informs s about her new job & No on Prop 60


ThatMan on Fatman: 3-24 w @poddigest - Dan Lizette

August 22nd, 2016

Guest: Dan Lizette from The Podcast Digest - @poddigest - Dan is a great talker and we have a fun time talking Podcasting, Kevin Smith's reaction to Online Hate aimed at his daughter and Donald Trump. Check out my appearence on his show as well episode 84


ThatMan on Fatman: 3-23 w Paul Mecurio

August 8th, 2016

Guest: Paul Mecurio From the podcast 2 Chairs and a Microphone, as well as once corporate attorney turned Headlining Comedian, and actor, and Renaissance Man. We really enjoyed talking to this gentleman, who you can tell was born to the podcasting medium.


ThatMan on Fatman: 3-22 w 100 Acres of Hell

August 2nd, 2016

Guests: 100 Acres of Hell - Producers Ernie O'Donnell (Yes EOD) & Jason L. Koerner come on to tell us about the horror film they have ben working on 100 Acres of hell and to promote their IndieGogo Campaingn Plus we catch you up on all


ThatMan on Fatman: 3-21 w @RaquelCastro

July 26th, 2016

Guest: @RaquelCastro That is right! We are so honored to have on our show, the Jersey Girl herself. But more than that she is also a season 1 contestant from the hit show The Voice, and most recently a reoccurring role on the hit show Empire! An honor!


ThatMan on Fatman: 2-20 w Noey D

July 19th, 2016

Guest: Noey D. from the podcast Driving Miss Jenny - @drivingmissjenn - Joins us as there is a lot of talk about sucking Norman Reedus's cock... Mostly by Scott but about Noelle. It was so great to have her back on. We love Noelle (and Jenny) to death!!!


ThatMan on Fatman: 3-19 w @BigDaddyJimmyV

July 12th, 2016

Guest: @BigDaddyJimmyV Host of the Podcast From Ear to Table ( and the man behind making "whynotcon" into a reality and inso doing gave our documentary the shot in the arm it needed to get principal photography across the finish line.


ThatMan on Fatman: 3-18 Brexit

June 30th, 2016

Guests: Doctor Squee & Chris Downie join us to talk about what is going on in the UK with BRexit. Also, we present our son Cameron with a special gift from special effects wizard Robert Kurtzman.