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ThatMan on Fatman (The Original Kevin Smith FanBoy Podcast)

The Original “Fanboy Podcast“ Dedicated to the “Universe” of Writer/Director/Actor/Podcaster/Personal Hero - Kevin Smith aka: The Clerks Guy - By Fans for Fans

ThatMan on Fatman: 4-15 with Brian O’Halloran

August 21st, 2017

Guest: Brian O'Halloran - The original Clerk returns! - And this is a warts and all show because we shot full video for the YouTubes so we are a mess! - Brian is being Roasted Sept 6th at the Wine Bar in Atlantic Highlands NJ Tickets Available on Eventbright - And so as a favor to Dante and help get the word out we leap frogged show over 4-14 with Phil Hendrie (which will air next week... Apologies) We also talk Shooting Clerks, the Family Guy vs Clerks Cartoon Feud, and much more. Enjoy!


Show Credits:

  • Wayne Foundation Announcement  featuring Kevin Conroy is used with permission from Jamie Walton (Co-Founder of the Wayne Foundation)
  • “Adult Language & Conversation Warning” - Provided & Performed by @TheScoobyDoom
  • “Go Get ‘em ThatMan” clip from SModcast 237 - Guy LaPointe Hunts the Maple Syrup Gang and is used with permission from Kevin Smith @ThatKevinSmith - Yet another reason, we love you SIR!
  • ThatMan on Fatman Theme - guitar  by Stephen Holden and vocal & lyrics by Scott Holden
  • Closing Theme - Psilocybin - by Keith Zuccolo & Scott Holden ©1996 - is used with permission and performed by:
    • Joe Decker - Bass Guitar
    • Scott Holden - Lead Vocal
    • Chris Pennie - Drums
    • Keith Zuccolo - Electric Guitar