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ThatMan on Fatman (The Original Kevin Smith FanBoy Podcast)

The Original “Fanboy Podcast“ Dedicated to the “Universe” of Writer/Director/Actor/Podcaster/Personal Hero - Kevin Smith aka: The Clerks Guy - By Fans for Fans

Appearances & Guest Spots

  • 2016/11/05 - SATURDAY MORNING CARTOON BOOM - This Saturday morning, Joseph and Chris are joined by Scott Holden (That Man on Fatman podcast) as they watched Batman: The Brave and the Bold from 2008, chosen by Scott.




  • 2016/10/15 - Dark Angels & Pretty Freaks - DAPF #135 - "DAPF #135. Dark Angels & Pretty Freaks #135. Annaleis & Neil are joined by Scott and Jeanne Holden from the That Man on FatMan podcast! We talk about Scott playing Howard Stern in the upcoming movie, “Shooting Clerks”, Their Documentary, “What is a Podcast?”, Pussy Grabbing, our 5 Favorite same sex crushes and so much more!"
  • 2016/03/27 - The Podcast Digest - TPD 84: Scott Holden from Thatman on Fatman - "Scott Holden from Thatman on Fatman joined me this week to talk about how he became a Kevin Smith super fan, got into podcasting, what it was like to interview Kevin and how he's taking this all to the next level with the filming and production of his first ever documentary - on podcasting! Scott is a blast to talk to and inspiration for all independent podcasters looking to follow their dreams!  Seriously, you're going to love this conversation! (especially if you love Kevin Smith, Clerks or Mallrats!)"
  • 2016/02/26 - The Mr. BS Show - Episode 25 ThatMan On The BS Show - "It's a big one this week as we bring Scott Holden of Thatman on Fatman into the studio to talk all things SModiverse! He provides us with pure gold for the whole show so we hope you enjoy!"
  • 2015/07/14 - Where's Larry: An Impractical Jokers Podcast - 2015 #8A - "In this Bonus Episode, we take a break from talking Tenderloins to sit down with Scott Holden, Producer & Director for the documentary film, What's a Podcast? We discuss how Scott started his podcast, Thatman on Fatman, and what it was like having Kevin Smith as a guest on the show. We also discuss his inspiration for the film, some of the podcasters you can expect to see (including us), and how you can be a part of the making of this movie!"
  • 2015/07/01 - Pillow Talk #64: Golden Rules - "In this week’s adventure under the sheets, Shaddai & Joseph are joined by their favorite Jersey couple, Scott & Jeanne Holden (of ThatMan On Fatman); as they discuss the joys of marriage equality & the 3 golden rules to ensure optimal performance at jobs of the oral variety.If you enjoy listening to this or ANY other podcast, please be sure to support Scott and Jeanne’s upcoming documentary, dedicated to the craft of casting pods, “WHAT’S A PODCAST?” Any sort of contribution helps"
  • 2015/06/17 - Pillow Talk #62: Wild Girl On Girl Animals - "In this week’s adventure under the sheets, Shaddai researches the animal kingdom with the lovely Jean Holden from That Man on Fat Man, while answering questions that both men and women are too shy to talk about.
  • 2015/04/07 - Podcasting 101 w/ The Angry Ginger - ThatMan on Fatman 101 - "Scott Holden talked about Kevin Smith so much on his podcast Bone Crushing Juggernaut, that in order not to disenfranchise himseslf from his co-host, he thought it best to create a second podcast. A podcast all about "Thatman on Batman", so he did just that. This is the story of how Thatman on Fatman was born. We talk tips and tricks of getting your podcast noticed, not just by potential new listeners, but the man himself, Kevin Smith."
  • 2015/01/14 - NetHeads 171: ThatMan Returns - "In which Scott Holden from ThatMan on Fatman answers the call when the ThatMan Signal is lit and Trent is taking a nap."
  • 2014/11/14 - SModcast PodU - 01 ThatMan on Fatman - Honored to be the 1st Show Chosen for this Feed  - "In the official debut of Pod U podcaster Scott Holden of ThatMan on FatMan tries to school us with his podcast featuring Clerks' very own Ernie O'Donnell. Find more of his podcast at"
  • 2014/10/22 - Netheads 162: ThisMan and ThatMan -  "In which Scott Holden of the ThatMan on Fatman podcast drops in to talk about how he came to pod and makes a special announcement. Don't forget to go to and click the eBay link!"
  • 2014-10-20 - NYCpodfest Announced that ThatMan on Fatman had been selected to be a part their 2015 festival line-up. 
    • "Since 2013, the NYC PodFest has been a way to bring creative voices together and share some great laughs. Podcasts offer the platform to spotlight every voice and opinion. From average joes to comedians to individuals in every area of pop culture one can think of, podcasts are a reflection of all of us. Years ago, I observed New York City's improv, sketch and standup festivals, and I thought, "So why not a podcast festival?" With so many incredible comedians hosting podcasts these days, podcasts were the one genre of the NYC comedy scene yet to be celebrated. And the rest is history! NYC PodFest celebrates the New York podcasting scene - with a little West Coast flavor. Our official podcast selections feature some of the biggest names in comedy, Broadway, film and television. The festival is all about us coming together, about laughter, about fun, about the community. Year after year, the festival delivers audiences with "Big Laughs. Big Shows. In an Intimate Setting.” We look forward to seeing you there! — Jeremy Wein, Founder & Co-Producer, NYC PodFest” - NYCPodfest2015
  • 2014/09/26 - Acknowledge w/ Chris Laudando 106 The Triad - "Chris interviews Scott Holden from the podcast ThatMan on FatMan ( and the two discuss the incredible story of Scott’s experience finding his biological parents."
  • 2014/09/10 - Bone Crushing Juggernaut BCJ 303 - Galifrey Stands on the Shoulders of Juggernauts - "Hosts: Joe Greshko & Scott Holden - This week we recorded a special crossover show with our friend @DoctorSquee over at his Doctor Who based podcast “Gallifery Stands” - This is technically part 2 of the discussion. Go over to Gallifrey Stands and check out Episode #20, listen to that, enjoy it, and then comeback here. We’ll wait."
  • 2014/09/10 - Gallifrey Stands: Ep20 - Bone Crushing Juggernaut Stands - "Doctor Squee & Dottie Who welcome Scott & Joe from the Bone Crushing Juggernaut onto Gallifrey stands to talk about the Doctor, censorship and Americas more specialist TV stations. (Part 1 of 2: Continued on BJC ep65)"
  • 2014/09/04 - Present Company Excluded - PCX 030: Simpsons Overdose - "This week, the gang is joined by their podcast pal and fellow SmodCo fan from New Jersey, Mr. Scott Holden (ThatMan on Fatman / BCJuggernaut)! This week, Scott spits out quotes that the others should know but didn’t, as they delve into 1) Famous Influences; we’re taken back in time to revisit out fondest memories of Springfield (and Quahog), as they gush over 2) The Simpsons; and they finish by diving into a variety of underrated–or, in some cases, just bad–films, as they give examples of their favorite 3) Cult Movies!"
  • 2014/07/03 - Present Company Excluded - PCX 021: Texas Does Jersey - (We are not Guests. We are the Subjects) - "This week, we have a very special episode where we only discuss ONE topic! Shaddai and Joseph give us the ins and outs of their trip up north, as they tell us the JERSEY STORY!"''
  • 2014/07/01 - Pillow Talk #13:  Road Head  - "In this week’s adventure under the sheets, Shaddai and Joseph take the mattress to the road as they visit their friends in New Jersey, Scott and Jeanne Holden. In this very oral episode, they compare their answers from a dead on personality type test, Scott and Joseph dream of becoming so flexible that they will no longer be in need of their partner’s services, while Jeanne and Shaddai go deep into discussion about the beauty of flowers and roast beef."